Monday, 2 January 2012

the idea on peacock wedding theme

There are a lot of wedding themes that you can choose from nowadays. Themes usually range from the simplest like those that just use a color motif to the grandest like those that involve bringing guests to themed places to set the tone. If you want something simple yet striking and classy, one of your best options is to choose a peacock wedding theme.

A peacock wedding theme can be very simple. You can just use the colors you normally see in a peacock like blues and greens. But you can also make it a little grander by using real or faux peacock feathers. How do you incorporate the peacock colors and the feathers in your wedding? Here are some suggestions.

1. Start with the invitation. You can have the picture of a peacock printed on your invitation card to tell your guests upfront that your theme is peacock. Or you can subtly do this by having the picture of just a single feather printed on one side. But if you want a more realistic feel, you can have a real feather stuck in the ribbon.

2.Your tables in the reception can also be designed in a lot of ways to match your peacock theme. You can have tall vases with white flowers accentuated with one or two peacock feathers for your centerpiece. You can also opt to use table napkins with peacock prints although these maybe a little difficult to find. Your place cards can also be designed with peacock feathers.

3.You can also ask your florist to make the bouquets of your entourage in teal blue or sage green. Light colors adorned with peacock feathers will also look great.

4.Your wedding cake can also be made to match the theme. Having it in peacock colors may not be a good idea because the colors are not really appetizing but designing it with feathers will be good. You can also choose to put a few layers of feathers on the cake table if you have a white wedding cake.

The peacock wedding theme is a good choice if you want to have a simple and yet elegant wedding. Materials are not difficult to find so you shouldn’t have problems organizing one.

Pecock wedding idea 1

We know that you love a peacock themed wedding! Especially with a bold color palette of teal, aqua, lavender, and gold. This inspirational wedding shoot is bold and beautiful! There are for sure some steal worthy ideas in here for you from Alden Blair Events & Tyra Bleek Photography.

They used traditional elements in the stationery pattern as well as other items: formal invitations, individual menu cards, champagne favors, and dramatic centerpieces set the tone for a formal event. In order to add a touch of modern elegance they mixed in ghost chairs, stemware, chargers, and cigar favors which for sure adds that contemporary touch

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Saturday, 31 December 2011

review of the2011 memorable (Chef Riz and Ana Dahlia)

Congratulations to Mohd. Nadzri Redzuawan, 29, or better known as Chef Evan and Ana Dahlia, 28. With a single utterance, actress Ana Dahlia valid title to the Chef Evan's wife, the bride's house in Taiping, Perak.Ana was given away by his natural father, Mat Ali Jaafar, 58, were married by the Vice-Kadi Kampung Batu 8, Changkat Jering, Taiping, Perak, DJ Nawi Osman, 59, about 12.30pm with a dowry of RM1 001.

It was witnessed by both families and friends of the bride and groom soon.At the ceremony, Ana received dowry of RM20, 000 with 10 tray delivery, whereas, the Evan received 15 trays.These two lovebirds couple dressed in white color sedondon Fendi designs from boutiques Syarakim.Their wedding ceremony will be held tonight at the Tower Kamalbina, Lake Gardens, Taiping, Perak. Welcoming ceremonies at the side of men will be held at Kg. Sg. Koyan, NSW on 18 December.The wedding dress is all about the garden theme wedding.The first dress islamic white gown is totally gorgeous and stunning but yet simply.For the second dress whole pink ruffles garden gown is perfect and chick,It just eye catching dress.

review of 2011 memorable wedding (Nurul Syuhada and Amir)

The 1001 night theme of wedding.This television personality Nurul Syuhada Nur Ain Mohd Zin,27 had decide to married a bank officer,Raja Amir Shah Raja Azma,29.The wedding reception is at  Binjai On The Park,Kuala Lumpur  Convention Centre.The wedding dress was the modern kaftan beatufully made by Ridzuan Radwill.The dress was full of lace and pearl.It was brilliant and perfect.

Thursday, 22 December 2011

cherry blossom wedding dress

The Cherry Blossom Wedding Theme

There are so many simple ways to incorporate a cherry blossom theme into your special day. Because the cherry blossom is so delicate and lovely, it is the perfect accent to any wedding. It’s important to note that as you plan, you’ll want to add touches without overdoing it. Give your guests just a hint of the theme wherever they look. This can help reflect the true beauty of the flower.

Start with the Invitations

The first thing your guests will receive that denotes the cherry blossom wedding is the invitation. Make a selection that subtly includes a cherry blossom. You can find many budget friendly options online where you can have your invitations printed. A ghosted back cherry blossom looks elegant while bold pinks and browns tend to really show off the flower. Work with a printer who can offer you several choices until you find the design that pleases you

Friday, 16 December 2011

Feather Bridal Fashion

As the time passed down,the revolution of  a wedding dress also had change to other point of view
feather gown.It look vogue and can give a fantasy kind of look.

check this out,the one from give chick and nice look for the bridal.It look a little bit heavy on the detailing.The feather are to much and had create a beautiful gown layer.

A long heavy feather gown tail,it give a perfect bridal look.White and fantasy taste of gown.This kind of bridal fashion give a wonderful and gorgeous look when the bridal walk down the aisle.You want to know more check this brown feather gown.Does that look perfect and chick wedding kind of look.

Next up,1.5 million peacock wedding dress.the tail of the gown is a floor sweeping and superbly huge.It give a eye-spotting or highlighting look.The gown was crafted beautifully.This is an incredible and most expensive Wedding Dress I have ever seen. The Peacock wedding dress has been hand sewen from 2,009 pieces of peacock feathers. It took about eight months for 8 creators to complete this. The $1.5 million Peacock dress was unveiled at the wedding expo held in the capital of east China’s Jiangsu Province, Nanjing. Althought it might not be a good idea to buy this Peacock dress in this recession time, it is a Nice dress to keep people Glaring at it.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Beach bridal fashion

As southern east asia,the environment and always summer season give you an opportunity to make a wonderful beach bridal fashion theme wedding.It is much more cheaper and plus convenience.The wedding will be more dramatic and yet for the nature lover,it is simply gorgeous..The dress can be simple or wave layer kind of look.

This kind of bridal fashion need proper preparation.It need to be done nicely and not to messy and overacting.Here 10 tips for your Beach Wedding Ceremony from Jennifer Ansbach, Wedding Officiant/Ceremony Writer, Tailored Ceremonies

Beach weddings continue to draw more couples to the water's edge for their ceremony. With a little planning, your beach ceremony can be the wedding of your dreams. Here are 10 pro tips for making your seaside dreams come true:

1. Imagine your ceremony. Do you see yourself and your friends in formalwear, strolling along the sand? Or do you have a handful of flowers, bare feet, and a short dress while your partner rolls up his pant legs and you get wet? How formal or informal your ceremony is will affect your choice of everything from ceremony location to invitations to bridal party wear. Keep guest comfort in mind and choose save-the-date cards and invitations that express the degree of casualness in their dress-you don't want people showing up in floor-length silk dresses if they are going to be standing near the water line with their feet wet.

2. Establish a theme -- or not. Some beach weddings strive to retain a formal, elegant air-perhaps seashell or starfish motifs on the invitations, programs, and small touches during the reception will make the statement for you. Other beach weddings choose a theme-sailing, Hawaiian/tropical, New England clambake casual. Use this to determine the rest of your choices.

3. Think about how many guests you have. If you have fewer than 50 guests, you may want to have them stand in a circle or semi-circle while you and your sweetheart exchange vows. More than 50 guests requires seating-it will take longer for everyone to arrive and guests grow restless and tired. Make sure you have chosen a location that will allow chairs on the beach, and don't forget to check on rental costs.

4. Make sure guests are comfortable. Larger, more formal weddings mean you need to rent flooring for people to walk on and to be seated. Remember that for people with disabilities or weakness, walking on the sand can be challenging, if not impossible. Remember to make arrangements so these guests can watch the ceremony, too. Parasols are also a thoughtful gesture, and they make for great photos.

5. Consider the roar of the waves. The great thing about the ocean is that it provides background noise that helps drown out sounds of traffic or construction. The downside is, it can also drown out your ceremony. Look into renting a small public address system so your guests can hear your ceremony. Some wedding officiants have these available for a nominal fee-make sure to ask.

6. Decide upon the best time of day. Morning weddings lead to brunch or luncheon receptions. The beach is usually quieter and more private, and the rising sun makes for preferred lighting. Guests appreciate the less-intense sun, too. Mid-day weddings on the beach should be kept shorter and shade should be provided, often in the form a tent for guests. Check with your ceremony site and your party rental provider for suggestions on the best way to accommodate your guests. Evening weddings also provide a break from intense sun, and the lighting can make for wonderful photographs. Some places will be still filled with beach-goers, though, so keep that in mind when you choose.

7. Mark a distinct location for the ceremony. If you are having a small ceremony, you may wish to place large seashells, candles, or luminaries around the edge of the space so guests know where to stand. Consider raking the sand to smooth it out and create a strong visual impression. For larger ceremonies, the aisle can be marked with seashells, candles, luminaries, or torches (many party rental providers offer these and can guide you in the best choice). You may also want to rent a chuppah or an arbor for you and your partner to stand beneath for the ceremony itself.

8. Select music and readings that fit your beach style. Consider how formal or informal you decided your ceremony and reception will be and fit the music and readings to those ideas. An instrumental version of "Under the Sea" from The Little Mermaid may be a good recessional choice if you are creating an informal, party atmosphere. Acoustic guitar or piano music may fit better if you have chosen a more formal affair. Readings can also be suited to the location: Anne Morrow Lindbergh's Gift From the Sea provides excellent choices in prose readings, and poetry such as "Enough" by Sara Teasdale, "Sonnet 75" by Edmund Spenser, or "Dancing Toward Bethlehem" by Billy Collins. If you are not marrying in a particular faith, choose an officiant who can guide you toward appropriate readings.

9. Plan for the sea breeze. While the ocean breeze is refreshing, it also blows sand. Seat your guests so the breeze it at their backs, if possible. Unity candle ceremonies, while lovely, tend to disappoint outside because it is hard to light the candles or to keep them lit. Sand ceremonies, where the bride and groom combine two small vials of sand into a single container, are appropriate to the beach theme and are less likely to be interrupted by the breeze.

10. Remember the environment. Birdseed, while safe, will also encourage sea gulls to disrupt your wedding, much to your guests' dismay. Consider bubbles or real flower petals (check with your ceremony site) instead. Make sure you send someone around to collect anything handed out to guests to be sure you don't leave anything behind, including plastic bubble bottles.